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What about my silence time...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 1:14 AM
Hi Guys,
i wrote you to day with the right purpose to try to restablize me artistically,
and i don't talk about the skills, but about the desire to create...
As a big part of you already know i had for 3 months some hard health problem,
that keeped me in bed and in low forces for a lot of time.

What about this?

After 1 month hard therapies it "seems" i am again healthy,
but is a momentaneous thing cause it can return also tomorrow,
so i will see in the next months how it will go; so this is the good news of this journal.

What about my silence time?

Yes ok, i can't hide that the healthy situation had put my humor very very down,
but it was happen more things on DA in this months that gived me really the desire to stop everything
also to create and to close the doors of the artistic world near to me...
Sometimes (i think to every artists) it happen that arrive a chrisis period,
where you have good ideas yes but you don't feel enough good for continue,
you think that what you create is for nothing (cause till now i have NEVER sell no one
of my calendars or my printings!!!),
and this it destroy a lot inside the desire to continue to share your ideas with the world
for nothing and also probably for no one...
This was so my thoughts to don't be enough a good talented artist!
Maybe this unsuccessfull career is also the result of my "not engagement" to try to make me
a lot of friends in the digital art world, but cause of this i must take it and pay the consequences.

What about the next weeks?

In the next weeks i will try to restablize my deviantart account (and also all the other artistical accounts!),
and to continue some creations i had started...
After Christmas i will go in Austria to my boyfriend for 2 weeks,
but i will be in anyway on Deviantart for who wants to talk with me.

Any proposal for the end of 2013 and the start of 2014?
Yes, i wish to finish the creation i had started in this months before the 25th december
(not sure to be able to do this!!! If the time permit me!!!).
And for the 2014?... Have no more such artistical crysis, be healthy
and try to sell what i create for have more satisfaction in what i do! :)

Anything to declare?
Yes, i am very open to any collaboration with every artist that purpose me! :)

Said this,
i wish you a nice Holiday vacations and a good start of 2014
if we don't hear us before!!! ^^

News and bad health...

Mon Nov 4, 2013, 6:27 AM
Hi Deviants,
i wrote this journal because few days ago i had received a mail of a person
that i willn't say who is, that doubted of my bad healthy conditions,
and pretended to me to do things on DA, really not at all important.

So now i want to told how things are really and truly,
i had a bacteria in my throat that can bring me some illness able to kill me,
or in the good case make me lost the kidneys,
for try to don't join this stage i must do a therapy of injection,
is very painful and very strong that put me k.o.,
not able to stay sit or stand up for 3-4 days cause this paralize my legs.
The situation is as this, if i will be able to destroy this illness i will return very active in 3 weeks,
if i willn't be able i will need to be operate and then the time i don't know when it will be so long...
Is a hard and really bad situation,
i risk a lot and that's not at all funny, so i want really send FUCK OFF the peoples that doubt
about this and joke to me, their mind is really so stupid as hell.

Said this, i want also say that i will answer late, and i already excuse me for this,
and i will be able to collaborate only on the Digital Artist group for this time i am ill,
the simple reason is because i feel accepted and appreciated in this group,
and because i have real responsabilities.
If someone need something of me he/she need only to tell me or in other
send me a mail (that i can see by my smartphone!) and i will answer you.
Is as this and as this have to be.

For the news...
The reason why i don't create no more i think you have already understand it
reading what i had wroted here up, so really about this nothing new to say.
Someone of you had probably see i have expire all my prints on deviantart,
the reason is very simple, i had solded my first print on DA,
the result was this:
The prints costed at the buyer 30$ around,
DA had keeped 29,90$ and I that i have DONE the work,
i have gain 0,10$... so now tell me which shitty stolen is this.
I wanted as first to erase me of deviantart, but i don't do it simply because a lot of peoples i know here
aren't in other sites where i post my artworks,
and so i won't to lose contacts with them,
but i have promised me that i will NEVER no more put a print here.
So peoples want to buy my prints, i am on redbubble, society6 and artofwhere,
you only have the choice which to choose.
And on this argument i want to ask at peoples read this journal:
Who have already sold some print on DA and also out of DA? And how much prints you had solded in your life?

Other news i am sorry i haven't it cause my life now is between bed, sofa and 1-2 h pc,
so i hope to be better soon for give you more news!

Thanks for your comprension.

Feature October Talents - Questions

Tue Oct 15, 2013, 10:06 AM
Hi Deviants,
I want to feature this month the real talents i have discover;
creations that have colours, details, lights and shadows and also an originality
that made of this a "king" creation.

This aside, i had reflect a lot in this weeks thinking about what maybe miss in my creations,
what maybe i have never done, and also at why i have probably everytime put aside the relationships on DA,
i ever been by my side, like a solitary wolf, i have ever create alone, without following the themes of DA
or simply without following the "fashion" of the moment,
this because i have ever think that you have to create what you feel inside,
and not because what you create is what other peoples like to see by you...
I have never give the possibility to peoples to discover me as person that i am,
and also true, few peoples on DA know really my true name,
so i want to say you, do you have some questions to make me?
You can ask me everything, i have no secrets! :)

So said this i post here my new work and the featured

016 Wild Inside by BlackHeresy

Voyage.... by ThyC-Graphics Lamia Venatio by f1nalh3av3n Unichorn by eerilyfair
Clockhearts: Lutte Empetre by hen-tie Ice Queen by rafater Rootedwoman by DeniseWorisch Uranus of the Titans by neisbeis Dungeons and Dragons: Farah (OC Commission) by Eddy-Shinjuku
Summon The Beast by Blackpearls91  A Fisherman Stories by Cold-Tommy-Gin Wu Yao by redpeggy Little mermaid fearie by sakimichan

Acqua by Paulo-Bert Lighthouse by Tira-OwlDeer 2 by Sophia-M
Hummingfox by Maquenda Let dreams come by EmiliaPaw5 destruction s avatar normal version by 1oshuart Fire queen by Sgt-lonely
10000ans-Avance-W-1 by kargall Blood Zodiac. Gemini II by Vasylina My muse (2013) by SoniaMatas Mushrooms Land - IN 14th exp by Dafne-1337art
May the Magic be with you by GeneRazART Ops! by darkmello 4th dimensions by ClaudioBergamin  Space Birth of Venus by PerlaMarina

PW Battle Art by Sinto-risky Titan Bros. by Puzzletoad

Commissions Rules

Tue Oct 8, 2013, 4:42 AM
Hi guys,
here some rules to follow if you want to collaborate with me and for work in good harmony all together.
Please read very well and attentively.

~ English ~

:bulletred: Respect. I am a person as you, so you must respect me.
:bulletred: Don't doubt of my capabilities and of my work, if you don't think i am not enough good for your works
choose another one better then me.
:bulletred: I don't work for FREE.
:bulletred: I am a professional Graphic Designer and Digital Artists, so if my prices are too much high for you,
you have only to find anyone other, i also need money for live!
:bulletred: Don't ask me any Indd, psd, ai file for be modificate, i don't allow my works to any modification by anyone other not me.
:bulletred: One time finish the commission and have pay, every modification requested will cost to 10€ to grow up
based on the time of work i will need for modificate it.
-No lamentations accepted if the price grow up and go out of the budget,
you was informed before by this journal, if you haven't read the whole rules i have no responsabilities.-
:bulletred: I am a professional one, if i do the work today, you must me pay maximum after 48h by the end of the work,
before you pay and then i will send you the work. If you don't pay after 48h the price will increase.
:bulletred: If your typographers do any problem to print the works i have done because he isn't able to do his own work, that's not my problem.
In anyway if this happen, consultate me and expose me the problem, we will try to find a solution.
:bulletred: You ask a service to me, so i give you the service, not the opposite, so you MUST pay it.
:bulletyellow: I am able to do my work, my advises are made by years of experience, so take it as a constructive critique,
if i advise you something is because i know that this could run better in the commercial field.
:bulletyellow: Every commissioner is trait by me at the same way, bands and peoples that came to commissionate me works and
think to be the kings of the world or be one step up to me, please go away.
:bulletyellow: You ask a service, and this service have a price, i don't do charity, if you can't permit you this services that's not my problem.
:bulletgreen: Yes, you can ask a preventive; the price is "about" the same i say, but it change proportionally by the hours of work i need.
:bulletgreen: Every idea you have in your mind for the work i have to do, please tell me because this will make me spend less hours of work,
and in this way also the price will be lower.
:bulletgreen: Payements have to be done by PayPal.
:bulletgreen: The price in dollar or any other value will be proportionally to the euro price i do; it will amount only 1,50€ more on the total price for the change of value. (Exemple: if the price is 50€ in dollars will be 67$ + 1,3$)
So yes, i accept other values then Euro.
:bulletgreen: Feedback and tags on the works you post online i have done are very well appreciated.
:bulletgreen: Be honest. If there is some problem talk me before i start the work.

- For any other question contact me. -

~ Français ~

:bulletred: Respect. Je suis une personne comme toi, donc tu dois me respecter.
:bulletred: Ne doute pas des mes capacités et de mes travaux, si tu ne crois pas je suis assez bien pour toi,
t'as qu'à t'en trouver mieux de moi.
:bulletred: Je ne travaille pas GRATUITEMENT.
:bulletred: Je suis une infographiste et artiste digitale professionelle, donc si mes prix sont trop haut pour toi,
t'as qu'à trouver un autre, j'ai aussi besoin d'argent pour vivre!
:bulletred: Ne me demandez pas les fichiers indd, psd ou ai pour être modifié, je ne permot à aucun que ce soit en dehors de moi meme de modifier mes creations.
:bulletred: Une fois finie la commission et que t'as payé, chaque modification que tu me demande ça partira de 10€ à augmenter
en base aux heures de travail j'aurai besoin pour le modifier.
- Aucune plainte acceptée si le prix augmente et sort de ton budget,
t'avait eté informé avant par ce journal, si tu ne l'a pas lu par entiér je n'ai pas de responsabilités.-
:bulletred: Je suis une infographiste professionelle, si je finis le travail aujourd'hui, tu dois me payer entre 40h de la fin du travail,
avant tu paye et aprés je t'envoye le travail. Si tu ne paye pas avant de 48h de la fin du travail, le prix va augmenter.
:bulletred: Si ton typographer a des soucis à imprimer le travail j'ai fait car il n'est pas capable de faire son boulot c'est pas mon probléme.
En tout cas si ça arrive, parlez moi de ce probléme, on cherchera de trouver une solution.
:bulletred: Tu me demande un service, je te donne un service, pas le contraire, donc tu DOIS le payer.
:bulletyellow: Je suis capable de faire mon travail, mes conseils sont fruit d'années d'experience, donc prennez le comme une critique constructive,
si je te conseille quelque chose c'est parce que je sais que ça peut marcher mieux dans le commerce.
:bulletyellow: Chaque commissionaire est traité par moi à la meme façon, groupes et personnes que me commissionent des travaux
et se croyent les roi du monde ou d'être un niveau plus haut que moi, merci de s'en aller loin de moi.
:bulletyellow: Tu demande un service, et ce service a un prix, je ne fais pas la charitée à aucun, si tu ne peut pas te permettre ce service c'est pas un probléme à moi.
:bulletgreen: Oui, tu peut me demander un preventive; le prix c'est "à peu prés" ce que je dis, mais ça change proportionallement en base aux heures que je vais travailler.
:bulletgreen: Chaque ideas tu as dans ta tête pour le travail j'ai à faire, je te remercie de me le dire, en ce façon je travaillerai moin et le prix ce sera moin cher pour toi.
:bulletgreen: Les payements sont par PayPal.
:bulletgreen: Le prix en dollar ou en autre values seront proportional au prix en euro que je ferai; ça augmentera juste de 1,50€ sur le prix total pour le change de value. (Exemple: si le prix est 50€ en dollars ce sera 67$ + 1,3$)
Donc oui, j'accepte autre values que l'Euro.
:bulletgreen: Les Feedback et tags sur les travaux que tu poste online et que j'ai fait sont trés appreciées.
:bulletgreen: Sois honnet. Si il y a quelque soucis merci de m'en parler avant que je commence à travailler.

- Pour autre questions contactez moi. -

~ Italiano ~

:bulletred: Rispetto. Sono una persona come te, quindi mi devi rispettare.
:bulletred: Non dubitare delle mie capacità e dei miei lavori, se non pensi sia abbastanza brava per te, scegliti un'altro migliore di me.
:bulletred: Non lavoro a GRATIS.
:bulletred: Sono uno Grafico e Artista Digitale professionista, quindi se i miei prezzi son troppo alti per te,
trovati un'altro grafico, ho bisogno anche io dei soldi per vivere!
:bulletred: Non chiedermi alcun indd, psd o ai file per essere modificato, non permetto a nessuno all'infuori di me di modificare le mie creazioni.
:bulletred: Una volta finita la commissione e aver pagato, ogni modifica richiesta costerà dai 10€ in su
in base al tempo di lavoro che mi ci vorrà per modificarlo.
- Non accetto lamentele se il prezzo va fuori dal budget,
siete stati informati prima da questo post, se non lo avete letto per intero io non ho responsabilità.-
:bulletred: Sono una professionista, se io finisco il lavoro oggi hai massimo 48 ore dalla fine del lavoro per pagarmi,
prima paghi e poi ti consegno il lavoro. Se non paghi dopo 48 ore dalla fine del lavoro il prezzo aumenterà.
:bulletred: Se il tuo tipografo ha dei problemi con la stampa dei lavori che ho fatto perché non è capace di fare il suo lavoro non è un problema mio.
In ogni caso questo accadesse, consultatemi e esponetemi il problema, cercheremo di trovare una soluzione.
:bulletred: Tu mi chiedi un servizio, io ti fornisco un servizio, non il contrario, quindi questo servizio tu DEVI pagarlo.
:bulletyellow: Sono in grado di fare il mio lavoro, i miei consigli sono frutto di anni di esperienza, prendili come una critica costruttiva,
se ti consiglio qualcosa è perché so che questo potrebbe funzionare meglio nel campo commerciale.
:bulletyellow: Ogni committente è trattato da parte mia allo stesso modo, le band e le persone che mi commissionano lavori
e credono di essere i re del mondo o un gradino sopra di me, per favore abbassate la cresta o sparite dalla mia vista.
:bulletyellow: Tu mi chiedi un servizio e questo servizio ha un prezzo, non faccio la carità a nessuno, se tu non puoi permetterti questi servizi non è un problema mio.
:bulletgreen: Si, puoi chiedermi un preventivo; il prezzo è "circa" quello prestabilito, ma ovviamente può cambiare in base alle ore di lavoro di cui avrò bisogno per crearlo.
:bulletgreen: Ogni idea che hai in mente per il lavoro che devo fare, per favore esponimela dettagliamente, cosi io lavorerò meno ore e per te il prezzo sarà più basso.
:bulletgreen: I pagamenti sono effettuati tramite PayPal.
:bulletgreen: Il prezzo in dollari o qualsivoglia valuta sarà proporzionale al prezzo in euro che faccio; si dovrà aggiungere solo 1,50€ in più al prezzo totale per il cambio di valuta che dovrò effettuare in seguito. (Per esempio: se il prezzo è di 50€ in dollari sarà di 67$ + 1,3$). Quindi si, accetto altre valute all'infuori dell'Euro.
:bulletgreen: I Feedback e i tags sui lavori che posti online che io ho fatto son ben apprezzati.
:bulletgreen: Sii onesto. Se c'è qualche problema parlamene prima che io inizi a lavorare.

- Per qualsiasi altra domanda contattatemi. -

Featured August 2013 + News

Mon Aug 26, 2013, 7:16 AM
Hi Deviants! ^^

I am sorry for haven't be here for longtime and not always constantly,
but i had some big problem in family and partly also healthy problems that hadn't permit me to be often online!
Unfortunely August was been really a bad one month for me,
nothing goes in the right way and a lot of things wasn't expected in the list of "bad things to happen".
But now it start to be little by little better for my luck;
so sorry if still now i had neglected my friends on DA
and not find the time for follow, fav or other your creations,
as not find the time to create a new featured!

Effectively i missed it a lot yeah! ^^
I hope to make me forgive with it,
and also hear a lot of news by your sides!

I am sorry to don't put the works of everyone in it,
don't be offended, is only that in this month i really hadn't time to look in everyone on your profiles
for take a look to the new artworks,
so really forgive me, next month will be surely better!!! ^^

Hope you will spend nice vacations! ^^


This is my new work:

'Till the end of Times by BlackHeresy

Hope you will like it! ^^

The Long Journey by kimsol Show Me The Way by alexnoreaga Ocean by CordobezWeee Eyrie. Game of Thrones by Lensar Storm by rich35211 Nomad by RusalkaD  
  Hati and Skoll - animated promo art by vesner Stained Glass Masquerade by MissMalefic At the Mountains of Madness_2_Howard Lovecraft by IvanLaliashvili Amber by Whendell You will return... by EstherPuche-Art  
My Light Will Water Thy Thirst. by GigabyteXX going home for the holidays by sandara things understanding by ellrano Enchanted forest ~Lady Dragon Series II by GeneRazART Flower girl by Vasylina
Forest in the Attic by hoangphamvfx  Drifting Away by alltelleringet Black Ninja by ClaudioBergamin Misty Mountains by TobiasRoetsch woman artist by Vasylina
  Soaring Castle by Lensar Meditating the Emblems by ValaSedai Present for Viktoria by Selenada
Night Vision by Tiphs artemis by jk3y SUPERNOVA by inagiViTy What did you do, human? by SansaXIX Passion Threads by stellartcorsica Sister Gypsy by artorifreedom

I am not disappeared! ^^ I am ill!

Sun Jul 28, 2013, 10:20 AM
Hi Watchers and Friends,
is nearly one month that i don't give a lot of my notices,
as i say in the title, i am not at all disappeared, i was totally ill in this period;
the climatic change to Italia - Austria, and the pressure high change
have really destroy me and thrown away all my forces! :(
I unfortunately was remained in bed to sleep all the time,
with 38/39 C fever, a big "cough-cough" and a terrible angine pain
that never permitted me to eat so i was totally without energies;
at the moment i am little by little restablizing me,
as less i have the forces for remain at pc 3-4 hours
and continue my graphic design work that in this month are TOO MUCH!!! :/

I am sorry for haven't answer at all your requests, questions and needings,
i will finish to do it i hope in at least this evening,
also to accept your deviations in the group and help all the other contributors in it!!! :)

- Any news:

For the new work i was creating, i was nearly ready with it before to fall ill,
so i think that as soon as possible you could see my new creation!!! :)

Thank you for reading this Journal,
and stay in contact!!! ^^

Featured June 2013 + News

Sat Jun 15, 2013, 2:25 AM
Hi Deviants & Watchers,
after a longtime i wasn't able to choose me to do this month fetured i have find "the courage" to do it! :D
Maybe is the hot sunny weather of Italy that in this days really makes me lazy!!!
I try to don't make it longer cause i know that no one read what i wrote XD, so...
what's new?
I will probably earn a job on july so i willn't have a lot of time for be on DA,
and follow every art and every new thing of the day, it will be really hard!
Apart this, i will go in Austria to my boyfriend to 23 at 30th june,
but in anyway i will be on DA sometimes cause i will work there on some commissions booklet! :)
A wonderful big news, is that in july i will be part of an historical celtic group,
and i can't wait this moment that i spend 3 days in a year,
it will be a very nice occasion to switch off the pc for 3 days and say goodbye to the net!
Til now i haven't preview vacations cause of my probably work
and cause my 3781237138 commissions this month,
so for your unluck you will have me here for all the whole time!!! O_O
It was really a bad week this one had past, so i really need time to relax with this featured! ^^

Venice Moon by Foxfires Butterflies by DaniaArts Beyond the Clouds and Far Away by Fany001 Light of the world by Steve1098 At the Edge of the World by ReyeD33 Time Never Lost by Emerald-Depths

The fury of Elasmo by GeneRazART

Mature Content

Moonlight Allure by SilEnigmaArts
Ngeronda by Xan-04 The Lilac Dawn by FenneArts Queen of Hearts by AlexandraVBach Flower power by Imalia-DA 

Home sweet home by dreamswoman In my field by sara-hel Last Goodbye by EstherPuche-Art Through the Mist by Rachopin77 Silence is Golden by Pristy

Ophelia by EnchantedWhispersArt paint by mariaig Seasons by monika-es Every time I close my eyes... by Megan-Arts In my sight You were just in time by StarsColdNight

The Crab Mountains Island by Ksenos-ks ashes to ashes by peroni68 The Bone Sculptor by Christel-Michiels Sigma (advanced)  Legend of the Cryptids by NekroXIII

 And this is my new creation:
013 Awake in a Dream by BlackHeresy

I know that the featured this month is very short but i hadn't the time for fav a lot unfortunately! :(

News + Featured May 2013

Tue Apr 30, 2013, 4:32 AM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Hi Deviants,
i am creating this May feature 1 day before that the month start (strange thing cause generally i am everytime in late!!!).

What's new?

A lot of things...
I am returned since 2 days from Österreich and a lot of things are changed, after this short "vacation" to my boyfriend in the cold land i have start to appreciate a lot of things of deutsch peoples and start to appreciate the language to... for how much difficult as possible it is pronounce it! ^^
I have discover and learn how peoples are different by my culture and i have discover so much new foods and places too, so all this for give a sign at my "fans" that hadn't see me for 4-5 days that i am still alive and return healthy at home! :D

Other thing new and not so less important is that i have search in this month any collaborator for create together some artwork/digital art of any kind of thing (painting, illustration, photo manipulation) but cause of any personal problem understandable of peoples at which i had asked i haven't still find someone; i have so create a list in this days of peoples to contact (that are partly in this featured too! ^^) which i will ask them some collaboration, but in anyway if someone read this journal and is intrest to collaborate with  me i am really glad to accept it and to start this new project with you.

Why i am searching collaborations?
Because sincerly i have spend all this last 4 years to create and fav only, without dedicate time to know better and create any friendship with the artist i follow and that follow me, this haven't permit me to be satisfy totally as person cause i would like really create some good rapport between artists. And the other reason is because i would like create an "Elite" of good artists that create digital art and in this way try sometimes to create a project (like 1 project in 6 months, nothing really relevant!) where a group of 8-10 peoples work at the same creation; is just an idea, i am working on it so i will see in the next months how collaborations will go! ;)

So if anyone want talk with me and start a good friendship between artists i am really free and happy to do it! ^^

010 Memories by BlackHeresy

  Fallen Star by Brumae-Art Ocean Angel by MirellaSantana <da:thumb id="367564642"/> dreams of flight. by megatruh

Farewell. by AliaChek leaf fields by DawnElaineDarkwood The Sunken Village by ChristianGerth Nighttime Fishing by alben
<da:thumb id="360566997"/> Rise of a Blue Star by ChrisCold

Mature Content

Celestial Punishment by AkiHardcore
Falling to Pieces by BurakUlker

Mature Content

Temptation by CerahArt

Peace by kuschelirmel<da:thumb id="368144652"/> Sweet Arrogance by stellartcorsica Run-Dandy-Run by Mr-Xerty MY ONLY ONE by tomatokisses
  Fawny Neeper by BJPentecost<da:thumb id="362498862"/> Tree of Life by Darkcloud013 Petal falls by JennLaa  can you feel it? by Lhianne
Overlapping the twilight by ELK64 Mistress Rose by Sangelus Me and myslef - Cosmosys XI by Dafne-1337art Angel (light) by jameswolf

Three-Eyed Crow by ErikShoemaker HIDDEN PLACE by MixeRBink Misty Mornings II by PixiePoxPhotography The Oracle by Shades-of-serenity

Here my  FB Page enjoy it!!!



The first journal of the year??? Mmmmmh... i don't remember sincerly,
in everyway i was disapper for longtimes on DA cause i had a lot of work and i want excuse me for this missing by my side
of my presence and my duties i hadn't time to give you!
Apart this i had a big empty of inspiration too so no time and desire to create,
finally after mooore then 1 month i had finish my creation giving it a big and important meaning!
I have to give a big thanks :iconariel87: and :icondoucesse: for the support are giving for our page The Best of DA
that in this months i haven't the time to follow and manage unfortunately! :(
Another big thanks i have to give it to all peoples are supporting me and my artworks in a so passionate way,
and at donators too cause this month i had receive a lot of this kind of "gifts"! :kiss:
And another thank at Thelma for the interview she had did me and i had appreciated it a lot! ^^
So... i wish at everyone a good springtime and a nice weekend,
leaving you with a question answering in this journal and to talk about:
Which is your favourite place where do vacations (if you had the money :D )? And why?

I featured too a nice artist on DA :iconleviadraconia:
please visit her cause she create very nice works!!! ^^

My new creation Emerald Songs, dedicate to my boyfriend and some special friends! ;)

009 Emerald Songs by BlackHeresy

My favourite creations in this months:

The Night Is Young by TitusBoy25 Peak by FP-Digital-Art ANGEL OF LIGHT by MirellaSantana .: Arabian Beauty :. by Pure-Poison89 Messenger of Fate by TamMebonia
Stars forever by ForestGirl Burn by Kevinchichetti Loki by JoJoesArt Abracadabra by Sandra-Cristhina My magic world by GeneRazART Scorpion by Oddly-Spliced

Dreamcatcher by MBKKR<da:thumb id="351020359"/>   Temple Assassins. by vennom07 <da:thumb id="361978816"/> Covert by soon38 The Quiet of Spring by Doucesse

The Great Tree by JonasDeRo <da:thumb id="362027506"/> <da:thumb id="362234484"/> The Goddess of Spring by Wesley-Souza The Oracle by GeneRazART Mistake by Auriferous-art

<da:thumb id="358476368"/> Summer Time by Khazei Crane Gods by Sed-rah Gypsy by Forjani Asleep Mill by soon38 Purity by CaryAndFrankArts

Toothache by YBsilon <da:thumb id="362212279"/> Hour of black snake by AmandineVanRay The Trinity by J-u-d-a-s   Skyfall by Kevinchichetti <da:thumb id="352189753"/>

<da:thumb id="354033642"/> Renegade Peacock Cover by JoshDykgraaf Until I Say by Ryan-Alexander-Lee Small Rest by soon38 It burns inside by emanrabiah The Fire by MaliciaRoseNoire

Wendy's Dreams by Paulo-Bert Simorgh by Esveeka A - N i g h t - M a r e by BooooAlak She Walks Alone by FictionChick Rebirth, Regeneration by AvitanOr Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Leafbreeze7

Haunted moon by GeneRazART Mourning by JeRoenMurre <da:thumb id="360593857"/> broken butterfly by eerilyfair Prongs by Emerald-Depths The Nightbringer by LunarShore

Divine Light by Jcdow3Arts Welcome in My Dreams by Wesley-Souza Away From Me by Ariel87 To The End of the Earth by FairieGoodMother Bleeding From Within by intano Lo que la realidad esconde by Marazul45
Get Ready for Fight by DARSHSASALOVE Waiting for love bookcover by KalosysArt Tree of Light by Incantata n e w . d a y . by uchuubranko Spring by AliaChek

If you like my work, please like my facebook page!!!

Hi Deviants! :D
So this is the last month of 2012   - the apocalypse day is past! xD -  
and we have a lot of good proposals for the new year, proposals that the 90% of us willn't obtain!!! ^^
But i am here for as first send you my sweetest greetings for a nice Holiday
and a nice xmas to everyone! :music: And a happy new yeaaaar! :music:
i hope you will can pass it in the best way possible with your family and friends or in vacation with your love! :)
I want thanks a lot the anonymous person that had gifted me 1 month of premium membership,
and want know him/her that i am really glad of this wonderful thought! :hug:
And in the same way i want thanks peoples that have donate me some :points: this month,
as promised i have made a featured of their works that i like more! ^^

But the principal reason of this feature is that me with Ariel87 and Doucesse
we have create a new page on Facebook called The best of DeviantArt
where we promote good artists on DA with the direct link of their works for share and give them notoriety.
This is a community that makes meet all DeviantArtists on facebook for know us better,
for promote our pages and works, and for discover and support every kind of art!!!
Everyone can enjoy it, every one can promote himself or other friend artists,
so what are you waiting for??? Join our page now!!! ^^…

Little tag for Klaus - The most important thing is that i love you :kiss: :heart: -
Just for prouve you that i am able to do it and wrote  it in something that have nothing to do with you!!! xD

For finish i hope you will like this collection of this month and my new creation!!! ^^

005 Prisoner of Light by BlackHeresy

Witch by Joe-Roberts :thumb338495459: Finally It's Snowing by FP-Digital-Art Snowfall by Notvitruvian Magical World.. by lorenzArts TarSun by MachiavelliCro  
rebirth by 0-Maryo-0 :thumb342779498: :thumb342871953: shrine by digital-fantasy :thumb332513774: Lilith of Snow by RozennIlliano
Winter Queen by Megan-Arts The Bird Nest by CaryAndFrankArts Daybreak by flina :thumb340879264: Expedition by YBsilon Djibouti chitchat by Ephynephryn
Black angel by artozi Metamorphosis by EowynRus :thumb341788012: Burning Eye by B-O-K-E Infierno by maiarcita Shadowgate: The summoning by ChrisCold
Instrument of Light by tvlookplay Poppy by AllaD8 Voyage of discovery by Kopfinger Music Is Me by DeniseGarbis Aftermath by Oer-Wout Mushroom House by Zohko
:thumb332320759: Golden Hour by addy-ack Moat by noahbradley Appearance - selfportrait by Morgainelefee Valkyrie by JesusCareaga little fantasy by Wolves-PSD
Spirit Walk by Cosmic-Cherry-Tree

::UPDATED:: Eve No.2 by soulkyrie :thumb340327703: :thumb174308959: Love is gone by Nephire hollow herds of molten berms by Phixotography
Wild lake by EowynRus Shiny by arsenixc The Call of the Crow.. by lorenzArts The Distant Days... by Aeternum-designs Tide.... by DiosaEMR The Rainmaker by YBsilon
banyan tree by mifii ROD_CRIMSON_DARKNESS by Wen-JR Eyes of fear by veuliahzg way to eternity by Lhianne Wake Of The Angel by ChristabelleLAmort Mind Flayer by Deligaris
My Love Song by NatsPearlCreation Dances Oceans by MirellaSantana cracked by saza11 Voidwielder MTG by chasestone Cosmic Whishes by LuLebel :thumb342624747:
Space baby by jennystokes Nowel by Isalline Falls by AlynSpiller On the edge by saza11
w a r s by uchuubranko The Harp by Dani-Owergoor lost fields by peroni68 purpleing playing in the sky by jyoujo Aliens by Azot2017 Into the Dark by aBeautifullMess
Vocation by LuLebel THE GUARDIAN by BRINGYOURHATE :thumb343478337: :thumb204208331:

Hi Deviants!
In this month (i know i am reaaaaally late for create this Featured!) i was really full of work, so i had take my time for do this Featured! :D
Maybe it was the time of new things because i've know a lot of peoples on DeviantArt where the most part are in this feature for promote his/her wonderful creations! ^^
I'm not doing preferences, but i want promote a good artist that i've know so better in this month, which i will collaborate soon with him,
as already announced he's :iconzero-scarecrow13:
a pretty and nice guy from Belgium, his creations are so original and dark that is impossible to don't give a look at his gallery! ;)
I show you some of his beautifulest creations here!

King Salomon by zero-scarecrow13 Pharaoh by zero-scarecrow13 _ MUSE _ by zero-scarecrow13 5? by zero-scarecrow13 Post_Aborted by zero-scarecrow13 _Athena_ by zero-scarecrow13 ContAminate by zero-scarecrow13 Run Rabbit Run ! by zero-scarecrow13 In the dollhouse of god by zero-scarecrow13 .'r'H0rus. by zero-scarecrow13

So in this Featured i want promote my new deviation too; something that reflect the freedom and the happiness in the same time! ^^

004 Purple Ocean by BlackHeresy
003 Eternal Pearl by BlackHeresy 002  Raspberry Tea by BlackHeresy Peacock's Acquarium by BlackHeresy

I hope that all the artist here featured will like my favourite collection of this month!! :squee:
Have a nice weekend! :hug: :heart:


Portal Background Concept by Akany89 Together by NJPoulin Creation of  the stars by Cornis :thumb211069800: Nora by ElenaDudina :thumb320154058: Witchcraft by ZakHarrar :thumb338174853: We are of peace. Always. by ErikShoemaker The Green Pic by Shue13 The happiest day in her life by Megan-Arts Waterfalls by kuschelirmel :thumb302247327: The Deku Sprout by ValaSedai Unbind by KateRodrigues

Mature Content

Cocoon by babsartcreations
..flee by LesAubes Cigno by FP-Digital-Art Dream Believer by ForestGirl :thumb333053802: New Birth by JoJoesArt :thumb308763937: Globbletrobb from Deviant Chronicles by Mattiasedstrom Incendium by artorifreedom REMOTHERED - Door down under (Red Nun version) by Chris-Darril Euphoria by kimsol Hope by stellartcorsica Two To Choose by kuschelirmel skyte by kaaaay Bimini Mezcal by Ephynephryn :thumb337502730: Guild Wars 2 Engineer Diva by MagicnaAnavi The Circle of Life by JoJoesArt :thumb333128930: The Bee Queen by mary-petroff Le mont aux veuves by Kryseis-Art Cupido by AquaSixio Let the magic fly by ChiantyVex D r e a m s c a p e by blue-a :thumb331903527: Chained Doll by Doucesse Looking for work by Megan-Arts Yule by Le-Regard-des-Elfes The Souls of the Drowned by michifromkmk Shattered by melanneart B r i d e by ebtihalien Yue, the Moon by EmberRoseArt

October Featured ^_^

Wed Oct 17, 2012, 2:02 PM
Hi Deviants! :D
Another featured this month with all the artist i like, discovered this month and that already i know since years!
I want give a particular mark to this dear friends that i will suggest you to visit:
:icongiuliadepoliart: :iconsoilworker-82: :iconxoronar: :icontuubart:
I am glad to share with you my artistic tastes and i hope you will like it! :D
Have a nice end of October! :heart:

A Fairy's Shadow by borda once upon a time by Bluetenzauber Herbaceous by Sortvind Take these broken wings... by LilithPhotographia Lotus fairy by Lillucyka TronCat by Dracorubio :thumb326468081: Eternal II by LilithPhotographia Industry and Nature by Ymntle-Aleoni Parvati birth of new star by sasha-fantom .: Grace :. by NatiatVII

Mature Content

Awakening by kuschelirmel
The k i n g by GiuliaDepoliART Moon River by naked-in-the-rain :thumb328538252: Wonderful World by xOronar mirror! by Fersy :thumb329778371: Resurrection by silentfuneral holding a heart by Blaumohn Upside Down by SilenceV autumn love. by Blueberryblack Delicious red berries by Pamba Vliegenzwam by xOronar Unleashed by ChristabelleLAmort :thumb325030097: Autumn Morning by LuizaLazar birdcagebalance by d3athb3rrymon Mini Tornado by Sophibelle Glass Star by little-billie A Saucerful Of Secrets_02 by LilithPhotographia Pirate Chalk Cove by smmiller09 :thumb311441904: Shipping boxes by BeautySpotCrafts :thumb328535114: The Grace by CaryAndFrankArts La Reve de la Nymphe by ChristabelleLAmort Strength of the dull spirit by MaliciaRoseNoire :thumb215701334: Dear Agony by jorgeremmy Till Death Do Us Apart by kuschelirmel Winter wonderland by Ymntle-Aleoni Evangelion by liquid-venom Zen Idea by Caen-N Depthcore The Omega by Jesar The fallen by iNeedChemicalX -The Crow 3- by TuubArt

September Featured! ^^

Mon Sep 17, 2012, 11:34 AM
Hi Deviants!
I've choose this masterpieces for the month of September for give a merit to this excellent artist that i had the honour to know this month and this year too! ^^
I want give you this featured for say a big "Thanks" for your support! :hug:
Finally i hope you like it and i hope a good new Autumn at all the peoples of the North Emisphere! XD


Spring feelings by lieveheersbeestje End times by jorgeremmy There is quiet around by zloypolzun Monument by Antonio-Figueiredo Above The Clouds! by QllM no one around by jyoujo Make it Rain by CatherineCruz A Special Place by EnchantedWhispersArt Where The Fairies Live by EnchantedWhispersArt Miss Edmund Hillary by clair0bscur Alba by LunarShore Renaissance II by Rafaelll90 Sweet Dreams My Dear by Wesley-Souza When We Float by LuizaLazar  :thumb269779556: Dragonfly16 by NRichey Day Gecko by nakkimo out in the garden by TheNightSheDied Mi dulce minino lindo by Marazul45 Lemon by GinAngieLa Infinite Dreams by RHADS Warm Up That Rainy Afternoon by piximi :thumb316544506: :thumb324135167: - Fight for freedom - by SandyLynx Arbres au petit matin by Louis-photos Scarlett by KalosysArt she burned like the sun by TheNightSheDied Time To Sink Or Swim by goRillA-iNK Fallen by WishmasterAlchemist Tileable strawberries by phoenix1981 :thumb326310600: stock - cherries by faerie-bits IMINENT SHOCK by Topas2012 Diablo 3 - Barberian by Cane-force .: In Dreams You're Mine All The Time :. by NatiatVII Lavender whisper by EliseEnchanted taste of summer by Orwald Our Time Is Limited by WishmasterAlchemist Vintage. by andokadesbois we all fall down by jyoujo High Tea by xOronar Lorich 6 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos

August 2012 - Feature

Thu Aug 23, 2012, 3:37 AM
Hi! This is the August Feature of the artist that i had :+fav: in this month!
I want advertise this good artist, famous and not, because i think that someone feel lucky to see his/her works in a good feature and have a "little popularity" for a day! ^^
So i hope you like it, and have a nice end of summer!


Legend of Korra - Firebender by PixieCold Natural World by FP-Digital-Art Just walking by Bomb-Creator s a v e  m e by MasochisticHeartache Jolt by OlMountainWoman Evening story by PawelMatys Glossy bird in glossy world by BogdanBoev Forever by Thinking-Silence Walking Beneath by Thinking-Silence Henna by alahay Heidenheim Skyline by Sirius-sdz Fallen by Kokopa Swamp of Soap by AquaSixio Present by Kokopa lights in the sky by Darkzero-sdz Desir by JunnyPhotography hortensia by sunflies 386 by Okularnica :thumb321255206: Pastel Dream Bokeh Stock by DemonMathiel :thumb319821124: rainy days wallpaper by ClarabellafaireStock Coldness by Steeeffiii :thumb299014923: Comfortably Numb 2 by Chaton75 Day 17 - Cherry in a glass... by anchiix Acqua by JunnyPhotography dont press ''play'' by StopScreamGraphy The weight of time by Julie-de-Waroquier Silvereye by shadowfoxcreative Pearls Of Light by Morphine-Cloud Camomiles in her hair by IgnisFatuusII

So in this month i want Feature one of my italian friends,
because i think she's talented and have a big passion for the photography.

She is: :iconfrancescadelfino:

I advertise here a Flower collection, in the pink, orange, red and green shades,
a pinkly feminine touch as feminine is this wonderful and nice girl! :D

Hope you like it!!! ^^

Pink gerbera with a drop by FrancescaDelfino Lily and clock 1 by FrancescaDelfino Little white rose 2 by FrancescaDelfino Gerbera with drops by FrancescaDelfino Flowers lover by FrancescaDelfino Sweet memory 3 by FrancescaDelfino Glitter clock by FrancescaDelfino Poppy by FrancescaDelfino Poppy Version 2 by FrancescaDelfino Tulppaani by FrancescaDelfino My Sweet Valantine by FrancescaDelfino

Take your time...

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 10:02 AM

3 July 2012 :D

Dragonbane by SilenceNocturne Art Book Cover I by Reilune
art of indonesian lady by felixheru :thumb307743044:
:thumb308965147: Birds - Collaboration by Kereska
Vento solar by klapouch Sand and wind by klapouch
Diamonds by Jules1983 :thumb309339204:
The castle by Schunki Soldier Of Love by CocoMagnolia